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The Importance of Equine Dental Care

Proper dental care is essential to your horse’s health. Your horse will be more comfortable, utilize feed more efficiently, perform better, and may even live longer.

Malocclusions, or the improper position and contact between teeth, lead to inefficient chewing, bit discomfort, excessive wear, and premature loss of teeth. Many horses will not show symptoms of dental problems until it’s too late. Horses experiencing oral pain will not perform to their best abilities.

Complete oral exams every six months to one year and regular preventive dental care allow horses to live healthier and perform better. 

I am a graduate of the American School of Equine Dentistry and I have spent hundreds of hours training alongside other equine dental technicians, horse dentists, and veterinarians. I am an experienced horseman, having lived on a 40 acre hay and livestock farm my entire life with a family background heavily involved in Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing.


Equine Dental Service

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Horse Dentist Delaware Maryland New Jersey Pennsylvania

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